Posted by PrestoPundit on 08/17/2008

and the Saddleback Church — Hugh Hewitt has the in-and-out details of two of those lies.  Quotable.

Obama lacked the courage to acknowledge his position on [California’s] Proposition 8
[the gay marriage proposition] and its centrality to the campaign for same sex marriage not just in
California but across the United States.

Obama’s casual
deceptions are rarely commented on by MSM as its various arms work
overtime to facilitate Obama’s role as the reforming, non-partisan

In fact, he’s from the way left wing of the
Democratic party and has never worked across the aisle on any major
initiative, and he regularly refuses to honestly explain his long held

UPDATE:  Nice Deb catches another Obama lie at the Rick Warren forum, and Powerline explains why Obama’s Clarence Thomas answer was also fundamentally a lie.

Plus, Obama’s born-alive / abortion lie: the gory details.


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