Posted by PrestoPundit on 08/17/2008

too dumb to be a Supreme Court justice?  That’s what Barack Obama suggested last night.

This is one of the most degrading and most unjustified smears against an accomplished black man I’ve seen in my life time.

Will he get away with it?  Yes he can!!

Not because of Obama’s own color, but because of his leftist politics.  And Obama knows it.  The MSM has got his back, and so do the professors.  If Obama wants to play the “lacks intelligence” card against Thomas, the press and the professors are there to help.

And make no mistake, the Big Lie against Thomas is long standing on the left, and it’s penetrated the popular culture, where people who know little or nothing of the Supreme Court have been left believing that Thomas is an empty suit and a dim bulb, when in fact he’s one of the great justices of the our time, a better writer and more penetrating thinker than dozens of other justices in our history.


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  1. Brian said

    A more penetrating interviewer – rather than Warren with his fixed list of questions – would have followed up: What have you written that even approaches the intelligence and analyical power of, e.g., Thomas’s dissent in the Term Limits case, which was wriiten within 18 months or 2 years of his nomination to the Supreme Court? The answer, of course, is: Nothing. Obama’s written nothing of substance (no, two autobiographies from a man of no achievement doesn’t count.)

    This idea from the Left and the MSM that Obama is a man of high intelligence is a myth and a confidence game, as illustrated by banality of his speeches and his failure to even attempt scholarly writing. Obama knows that if he tried it, the myth would be busted.

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