Posted by PrestoPundit on 08/16/2008

ON CNN, throwing softballs with no intelligent follow up, and allowing himself to get BS’ed on a number of significant issues.  Warren asked mostly good questions, but repeatedly softened and personalized them for Obama — never challenged any answer — and ended up letting Obama snow the audience. 

Here’s a telling example.  On gay marriage, Warren threw a standard hardball at McCain, asking his position on the California proposition restricting the right of marriage to one man marrying one woman.  With Obama, Warren asked a soft Oprah type question about his personal beliefs on what “marriage” meant, didn’t ask Obama about his position on the California proposition, and then allowed Obama to lie about his political position on the issue, which happens to be that he supports a vote on the California proposition that would make it law that marriage includes man and men, and women and women, exactly the opposite of what Obama told Warren.  Warren had no follow up to Obama’s misrepresentation of his position.  Similarly on Obama’s definition of who is “rich”, for purposes of incomes taxes and social security taxes, Obama simply lied to Warren on this matter.  Warren had no follow up. Is Warren simply ignorant of these matters, or is he doing the political preacher thing, attempting to sidle up to power the way some other very famous preachers have done?  It’s hard to say.  Kathryn Lopes choses answer #2, “Rick Warren seems more interested in being pals
with whomever winds up president than getting real answers or he might
have followed up … “.

On the up side, Warren somehow exposed the funny McCain that people actually like — as well as the McCain with real character and real substance.  I’m guessing people will respond powerfully if this is the McCain they run into as the campaign unfolds in the fall.

McCain has never appeared so likable and Presidential in more than a year of campaigning.

Obama was effective in an Oprah / Larry King type way, for those who don’t don’t know the news and don’t know Obama’s stated positions.

But for those who are serious about how we are governed, and who actually are attracted to grown ups who’ve done something, Obama paled in comparison to McCain.  We can only hope the grow up vote can overcome the Larry King / Oprah vote this fall.

And the question everyone is asking:  is the new gray hair on Obama’s head real or was it put there by the Obama campaign?

Live blogging the debate:  Ann Althouse and Gateway Pundit.

More Obama lies:

Obama lied about whether or not he’d nominate John Roberts to the Supreme Court, in fact Obama was one of the few to actively work to defeat the Roberts nomination, and one of a small minority to vote against him.  And you guessed it.  No Warren follow up on this one either.

Yet more Obama lies here.

UPDATE:  Sister Toldjah has a spot on take of the debate / “forum”:

I’m watching some of McCain’s answers to Warren’s questions.  He’s
doing well, and looks more human and real than at any other time since
the start of his campaign.  Obama seemed very uncomfortable with how to
answer some of the questions.  McCain looks like he’s right at home –
and Warren is asking him the same questions he did Obama.

and here’s another something on the same lines.

Mark Levin’s assessment:

I certainly do disagree with John McCain on some big issues, but
tonight he was outstanding in ways Barack Obama is not and cannot be.
McCain was substantive, clear, concise, and relaxed. Obama seemed a bit
nervous, some of his answers seemed contrived, and most of all it was
clear that he is simply out of McCain’s league when it comes to
substance and experience. Score it a big McCain night.

UPDATE II:  Something I didn’t know:  Rick Warren is an anti-evolution creationist.  Also, Rick Warren on the Mormons and Christianity.  If we go by Warren’s definition of Christianity, John Adams and many other American founders were not Christians.  Nor were a number of U.S. Presidents.  Neither were Obama’s Kansas grandparents.  I’m surprised Warren didn’t ask Obama and McCain if they believed in the Trinity.  Now that would have been an interesting question.

Rich Lowry has a good summary of the Obama / McCain event here.



  1. Neo said

    Obama on abortion …
    “answering that question with specificity … is above my pay grade.”

    Well he got that right. Harry “the buck stops here” Truman he ain’t.

    This was equivalent to Obama voting “present” .. yet again.

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