Posted by PrestoPundit on 08/16/2008

has a handful of factual errors which any good editor would have excised. All these little errors are being use by the left to attack the reputation of Jerome Corsi and his book.  What it should damage instead is Mary Matlin’s reputation as a editor.  I have the book, and I’m impressed with the enormous amount of factual detail, all footnoted, and most all of it as accurate as available public documents allow. 

Right wingers who haven’t read the book but who are trashing it based on misleading information they’ve gotten via the Obama campaign need to take a step back and read the book.  They’ll learn much more about Obama reading the book than they’ve ever learned about Obama combing through the NY Times and Washington Post for the last two years.  Really.  Much, much more. 

The only thing that would have come close for content on the life of Obama is to have been a regular reader of PrestoPundit.  And if you’re a PrestoPundit reader, you’ll know that Corsi is routinely and overwhelmingly on track, and only rarely fumbles.  A very good record when your subject is the life of someone as secretive and dishonest as Barack Obama. 

One reason Corsi’s account of Obama seems so relatively complete to me — beyond his own extensive reporting — is perhaps because Corsi has been familiar PrestoPundit and my Obama postings, and he’s clearly combed through this and many other blogs for links and information about Obama.  Corsi is conversant with what the smartest bloggers have discovered in the Chicago papers and from international sources — as well as in Obama’s own memoir.

I know because I pointed Corsi to some of those bloggers.  You see, not only does Corsi read PrestoPundit, I spoke with Corsi during the writing of his book about my published research on Barack Obama, Sr. and this paper “Problems Facing Our Socialism”, and I faxed him a copy of the paper at a time when the paper was not available on the web.  I can report that Corsi accurately cites my research — as he promised to do — and accurately reports the content of Obama, Sr.’s paper. 

And note well that these central facts about the man who inspired Obama’s dreams have never appeared anywhere in the NY Times, the Washington Post, TIME, Newsweek, or any other “mainstream” publication, despite their wide circulation on the internet, both across the blogs and through the popular political site “Politico”.

I’d suggest that there are more false “facts” and more unfair partisan insinuations in the average copy of the NY Times or the Washington Post than there are in all of Corsi’s Obama Nation.  To single out the sins of Corsi and Obama Nation for condemnation is to have twisted priorities when you compare these obscure fouls to the fact that we literally soak in an ocean of false “facts” and unfair partisan insinuations dumped on us daily by the biggest press outlets in the nation.  Let’s not get lost in minutia people.  Jerome Corsi only wants to write a book.  Barack Obama wants to be President. 

A quick quiz.  Who was a member of a racist church for 20 years?  It wasn’t Jerome Corsi.  Who has sought to conceal who he is and what he believes for the last 2 years?  It isn’t Jerome Corsi.  Who has described himself as being attracted to many of the worst and most deadly political fantasies of the last 200 years?  It’s not Jerome Corsi.

You can order your own copy of Obama Nation here.

Listen to Mark Levin take my side on this here.


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