Posted by PrestoPundit on 08/11/2008

story wasn’t news at the NY Times, but a biographical investigation of the psychic “healer” who met with Edwards and his love interest at a hotel is news fit for the NY Times.  There’s a reason this paper is crashing in value.

Funny thing is, most of the reporting in this NY Times news story is the sort of stuff bloggers routinely do better than the MSM — it’s “reporting” of what has been posted about the psychic at various web sites.  Reading the thing you even suspect that the Times borrowed most of its substantive reporting from a blogger — and the rest from the National Enquirer.  In fact, the story reads a bit like an National Enquirer piece.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  My wife might even read the NY Times if it had more social interaction type information about people in it’s pages.  Social science, anthropology, and psychology all tell us that people thrive on such information, and its a wonder that newspapers have forgotten this.

UPDATE:  ABC NEWS asks “Is John Edwards Still Lying?”  Favorite line in the story:

“It would not necessarily be illegal to use campaign money to pay a
mistress, but hardly in keeping with the high moral tone Edwards set
during his run for President.”

Don’t miss the fuzzy National Enquirer style long shot photo on page 2.

UPDATE II:  Gawker has the email from 2007 which tipped off everyone in the press who didn’t yet know what had been going on with Edwards and Hunter.  The 2007 email has many details now independently reported elsewhere which the NY Times still hasn’t passed along to its readers.

UPDATE III:  Is this the blog the NY Times is cribbing from?


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