Posted by PrestoPundit on 08/08/2008

of course is why so many women feel so compelled to vote for such men.  Without millions of women voting for such frauds only GOP candidates would have been in the White House for the last three decades.  Without hundreds of thousands of such votes John Edwards would never have become a national political figure. But polling results establish that women are disproportionately attracted to these fraudulent Democrat males, and by overwhelming numbers.

Lord help us if women put Barack Obama in the White House — a man whose whole identity is a fraud.

John Kerry’s judgment isn’t looking so good now either, is it?

Find continually updated details on the Edwards scandal from memeorandum.

UPDATE:  Elizabeth Edwards stands by her man, attempts to shift the blame on the profit motive for her troubles.

And we shouldn’t let men off the hook here.  There were a number of men who happily helped John McCain cheat on his first wife, and there were men who put up big bucks to help Edwards hide his own sex scandal.

Sweetness & Light reminds us that John Edwards was the winner of the 2007 Father of the Year Award.  Click over to watch the video of Edwards accepting the award.

UPDATE II:  I love this quote from the New York Times (read the ABC transcript here):

[Edwards] said that after growing up in a small town, he earned success and
praise at an early age that fed a self-involvement that led him to
believe “you can do whatever you want, you’re invincible, there will be
no consequences

This is a man many Democrats wanted to run the country, and John Kerry wanted to serve our country as Vice President.

Note also that Edwards chose to pay his girlfriend sex partner a massive fee to make amateur “campagn” videos over the objections of his campaign manager.

UPDATE III:  Huffington Post has timeline details on “love lips” and the wads of campaign cash he stuffed in the hands of his gal pal with the scarlet past.


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