Posted by PrestoPundit on 07/18/2008

than even the socialist Senator from Vermont.  But does that make Obama a socialist?  John McCain say, “I don’t know.”  Saying “I don’t know” to a question like that is pretty much like saying yes, and I think McCain has every right to say it.  The only real question is, what kind of socialist is Obama?  And the answer to that question is, a very expedient and politically cynical one, of the type which is well know.  If you want to understand Obama, think Willie Stark.  Obama was a naive and  idealistic college socialist who never abandoned his socialism, but who  did embraced  the expediency of cynical and corrupt left wing power politics, after discovering in his mid 20s the great failure of his socialist hero father Barack Obama, Sr., a man who Barack Jr. views as a massive failure for having spoken truth to power rather than working successfully within the corrupt political system of Kenya.  It was no accident that Obama himself made no such mistakes within the corrupt political culture of Chicago.  And its what we should expect moving forward.  A corrupt leftist who views the leftist end as justifying the expedient means of the moment (the ideology of Saul Alinsky, which Obama taught to other radicals in Chicago).

UPDATE:  Here’s the audio.


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