Posted by PrestoPundit on 07/15/2008

the way a cat understands a cat, a pig understands a pig, and a post modern lit crit understands a post modern lit crit.  Margo is responding to my comments (see below) on Max Boot’s detailed factual and logical take down of Barack Obama’s recent piece on the war in the Iraq published in the NY Times.  Says Margo:

I have to second PrestoPundit’s point. Obama is not putting up a serious argument. He is making a series of unsubstantiated assertions, some of which contradict each other, or contradict things he has said not very long ago. His goal is not to think through an issue with his fellow citizens or educate the public. His goal is to keep everything moving long enough to get elected. It’s a very canny strategy. I’m sure he and Bill Ayers would say it is “new politics,” in the sense of getting away from sequential thinking adn moving toward the social construction of a new reality. Pundits and the McCain camp both are busy using the tools of logic and evidence, because when all you have is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail. But if Obama has his way, and so far he is having it, the fight will be waged over impressions, unless someone on our side is willing to express and dramatize to people why logic and consistency are valuable in politics at all.

Here’s what I wrote:

Max, you are pretending that Obama is an honest and sincere man when it comes to all this.

We have overwhelming evidence that he isn’t.

Why pretend otherwise? How can you take on that man when you are
playing his game, a completely fraudulent game, a game which exists
only for his own electoral advantage.

You’re wasting a lot of energy keeping up Obama’s pretense that he
has genuine beliefs about any of this. He doesn’t. He doesn’t care
whether or not Al Qaeda is part of the Taliban in Afghanistan, he cares
about reeling in votes, and he has no problem constructing whatever
sentences are effective in doing that.

So you really haven’t “caught” any inconsistencies or factual
deficiencies in Obama’s argument — at least not ones that Obama has any
interest in correcting or attending to any time soon.

He’d rather you chase your own tail under the illusion he cares —
because the bogus illusion he cares is much more important to him than
any facts on the ground or consistencies or argument.

See what Margo and I were responding to here.


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