Posted by PrestoPundit on 07/15/2008

POLITICS IS BEAN BAG.  American’s want an Alpha male in the White House, and on the Alpha male score Obama is miles ahead of a floundering old man who comes across as a pansy when he’s out playing bean bag* rather than fighting for life in the race for the Presidency.  What’s up with that?

Isn’t McCain suppose to be the warrior in this race?  Why does Obama come across as the fighter and McCain comes across as the bumbling, apologetic wimp?  It’s like Reagan vs. Bush the First in 1980, where the one who wasn’t going to let himself lose, the Alpha male in the race, was obvious to all.

Oddly, McCain looks like a man who’d resign himself to lose, rather than do the fighting he has to do to become President.  By contrast, Obama is out fighting by any means necessary to become President.  There’s something really cockeyed and fundamentally dumb about McCain’s approach to political combat, as if the guy doesn’t know how to fight unless he brings an actual knife intent to cut your throat.  There’s no in between for McCain.  It’s either be a political knife wielder or be a pansy, and in politics McCain has chosen to be a pansy.  Very strange.  Obama is happy to kick McCain’s ass day in and day out.  With McCain we get long prefatory apologies in the rare instances when he brings himself to take up the fight; which, do we need to remind him, is his own fight.  Nobody is going to do it for him.  Incompetence and a lack of talent isn’t enough to explain McCain’s strange behavior as a campaigner.  Something deeper and biographically weirder is a work.

Maybe it’s a generational thing, with McCain thinking that if he acts gentlemanly he’ll be handed the prize simply for showing good outward form.   (With McCain you know it’s a mere outward thing, because it’s so evident he’s repressing his instinctive bad boy, rule-breaking true self, revealed so many times in the many McCain biographies.)

Reagan, in his contests with Bush and Carter, knew better.  You can keep your manners, but you also have to kick some butt, as Reagan did again and again, pounding Bush and Carter constantly on the issues and on the question of leadership, all the while inspiring the people with his own vision of what could be achieved.  Reagan let everyone know who paid for the mike, who would stand up to the Russians, and who had trashed the economy, and he wasn’t shy about saying it right in Carter’s face and right in Bush face, and the country cheered him when he said it.

It’s time for McCain to just say what he thinks.  He needs to kick some butt and inspire some people.  And if he doesn’t have anything to say, he’s simply going to end up next Bob Dole Republican codger, thrown up by a lifeless party with no fight, no vision, and no purchase on the future of this country.

*Check out this bit of McCain patty-cake, patty-cake:

I spoke recently at both the NALEO and LULAC conferences, as did
Senator Obama. I did not use those occasions to criticize Senator
Obama. I would prefer not to do so today. But he suggested in his
speeches there and here, that I turned my back on comprehensive reform
out of political necessity. I feel I must, as they say, correct the

What is McCain, a schoolmarm?


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