Posted by PrestoPundit on 07/13/2008

A FINANCIAL DISASTER that everyone knew was happening got worse and worse.

When I tell you Bush was a very poor President, I have lots of reasons for saying so.  And it doesn’t change things telling me other Presidents were even more horrible.  You pile up enough crappy Presidents in a row and very quickly have a nation in serious crisis, given an utterly corrupt Congress and a brain dead Fed.  Stein’s law applies.  What can’t go on forever won’t, and the current political economic set up in Washington is like a car with the accelerator stuck on the floor headed straight over a cliff.  And all the while George Bush was busy saving the world, while forgetting to do anything to save America.

It’s time for conservatives to forget saving the world, and it’s time for them to start saving America.  If we don’t get America fixed, and soon, fixing the rest of the world is going to be the very least of our worries.


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