Posted by PrestoPundit on 07/13/2008

and how he cares more about what the NY Times thinks than what you think.

Mr. McCain: I love to read [newspapers] in the print form, and the reason why I
do is because so much, the prominence of the story matters. If I read a
story and say, Oh my God, did you see this? But it’s back on A26, it
doesn’t have the impact of what are still – even though it’s declining
– what are still, what are hundreds of millions of American picking up
an looking at today….

If the NY Times thinks it’s important — or it’s true — John McCain thinks its important, and true.  And make no mistake.  The principle newspapers John McCain reads are the New York Times and the Washington Post, both of them far left organs of the Democrat Party.

So when John McCain goes brain dead left on “global warming”, “immigration reform”, “campaign finance reform”, or what have you, McCain is merely being led around by the leftist boys (and girls) at the NY Times and the Washington Post.  He’s ignoring you because he’s paying attention to them.

Remember, McCain is in his 70s.  He’s essentially a 1950s guy comfortable with a world led from the left by the Democrat Party, sometimes “moderated” by a liberal Republican from the White House.  McCain is absolutely not Reagan (a 1930s guy) who understood that a leftist dominance of the national agenda was in no way historically inevitable, but instead was something which a charismatic leader could defeat, the way Roosevelt almost singlehandedly had defeated the conservative consensus of the 1920s.


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