Posted by PrestoPundit on 07/02/2008

BRIBE EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT ON A $1,32 MILLION LOAN FROM NORTHERN TRUST as part of the $1.65 million property deal involving convicted influence peddler Tony Rezko.

Obama promises to massively raise taxes on working families like mine, but most of his own money is generating tax-free income in a Northern Trust account favored by the super rich, a central form of income for the super rich that Obama promises not to touch.

It should be noted that Northern Trust was part of the Obama machine in Chicago, a machine greased by public housing projects that put hard cash in the pockets of Obama’s friends.

Obama was at the center of a corrupt world, a world that has already sent one of Obama’s best friends to prison.  Obama himself seems to have made sure all of his own bribe taking was laundered through property and loan deals which are essentially untouchable by the courts and the law.

The Washington Post reports:

Since 1990, Northern Trust employees have donated more than $739,000 to federal campaigns, including $71,000 to Obama.

This is how business / politics works in the corrupt world of Chicago, and Obama became one of its best players.

UPDATE:  Just five years before receiving this bribe sweetheart loan Obama was such a credit risk that his credit card applications were being rejected.


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  1. Your blog is an atrocity. Why don’t you wait for the facts to come out before you leap out and make unwarranted accusations. “Swiftboating Democrats” – great, take pride in the lies you spread about others. Wonderful. You make me sick.

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