Posted by PrestoPundit on 06/19/2008

and his commitment to the American people to engage in the clean politics of public campaign financing.  Instead Obama will run in the general on dirty money of he’ll beg from interest groups, the super rich, lobbyists, Hollywacko leftists, and America loathing morons from across the country.

It’s the old politics as big as it gets.  It surprises no one.  And it’s the Obama way.

Obama is not something new.  He’s something worse.

UPDATE:  Obama breaks his word — and lies about it.  Anyone else see a pattern?  Hello?

UPDATE II:  Patterico has the document where Obama directly answer “YES” to the question of whether he would pledge to publicly finance his campaign, the way every other major party candidate has since Watergate.  There’s no weasel room here.  None.  The mas is just b*llsh*tt*ng the willingly misled, which unfortunately includes most of the Democrat party press corp.


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