Posted by PrestoPundit on 06/18/2008

that Barack Obama is a constant teller of tall tales

If you know the man’s history, you know the man has soaked in fiction all his life.  In his memoir he tells us as that a boy and as a teen he made stuff up time after time in order to fit in, understand his absent dad, and puff himself up.  In High School Obama was a member of the literary club.  In college he loaded up on literature classes, and the closest thing to science fiction in academia: classes by Marxists and feminists and “neocolonialist” professors.  In Chicago as a “community organizer” Obama spent much of his time writing fiction based on the South Side poor he met during his “day job”.  At Harvard Obama took classes from the “Crits”, legal theorists who interpreted the law as a form of fiction written to serve class interests.  Then, of course, Obama spent the next three years writing his deeply fictionalized memoir, packed with made-up dialog and many fictionalized characters and events, a sort of personal docu-drama with about as much fictional content as one of the historical novels you see suburban housewives reading (and perhaps targeted at the same audience). 

And then, of course, there’s the fictional story Obama has created of his life in politics.

So don’t be surprised that a lot of what Obama says is a matter of mere invention.  He’s a man of fiction, from beginning to end.


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