Posted by PrestoPundit on 06/11/2008

are voting for obama?  Oh, those kinds of idiots — the DMV workers and the English professors.  Just about anyone with a government pension, a far left political ideology, no connection with the real world — and pretty much no one else:

The enthusiasm Obama arouses is surely amazing, but it is also
contained and confined. In fact, it doesn’t even move most of the
Democrats. When crunching the numbers in

all of the primaries, Michael Barone has found that Obama carried white
voters in only two places–state capitals and university towns, where
he amassed huge followings among students, teachers, and employees of
the government, most of whom (a) tend to lean left; (b) live in a world
of words and abstractions; and (c) due to tenure, unions, and parental
support, find themselves outside of the world of the marketplace. As
such, they are pushovers for ego-massaging and vacuous maunderings.
They tend not to notice that his frame of reference is always himself
and his feelings, and that his appeals to racial healing,
bipartisanship, government reform and sweet reason do not connect to
his acts in real life. In the real world, he has voted party line on
almost all issues, has managed to befriend and hang out with an amazing
collection of people whose lives contradict all these themes, including
racists, demagogues, some of the most corrupt practitioners of machine
urban politics, and people whose idea of political action once involved
planting bombs. These sorts of things may not bother students or
shoppers at Whole Foods, but they do bother people who cling to God and
their guns out of sheer desperation, and tend to vote in places like,
say, Pennsylvania, where Obama lost to Hillary Clinton by ten points.


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