Posted by PrestoPundit on 06/10/2008

BARACK OBAMA, SR. It’s hard to know what the truth is about anything reading Barack Obama’s deeply incomplete and largely fictionalized “memoir”.  Anyway, here’s this from The Nation (Nairobi):

Granny’s oral history was not of heroic deeds but
of the wrenching change brought by the British, whose rule by gun and
tax collector destroyed the Luo’s ancient way of life in the span of a
single generation.

Obama’s grandfather was among the first of his
clan to adopt the white man’s ways – trading his loincloth for suits
and shoes, learning to speak, read and write English – only to wind up
embittered and broken after a lifetime of servitude to his colonial

From Granny, Obama learned that the
father who had abandoned him had been himself abandoned, at age nine,
by his mother, and as a teenager beaten bloody and banished from home
by his father for his rebellious spirit.

his stellar grades, he was expelled from a mission school – “He would
sneak girls into his dormitory,” Granny said, “for he could always talk
very sweetly to girls” – and when he was arrested and jailed for his
involvement in the independence movement, his father refused to bail
him out.


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