Posted by PrestoPundit on 06/10/2008

are beginning to admit that Obama doesn’t have any plan for changing Washington, his policy views are divisive for everyone but fellow leftists, and he doesn’t have much of anything on the table for centerists.  Quotable:

a big risk in the Obama candidacy, and that is reality may collide with
his rhetoric. He says he wants to create “post-partisan” politics, but
I still don’t see how he does that. And here’s a revealing point: Nor
did the vast majority of the delegates I spoke to Saturday on the
convention floor.Their answers boiled down into three camps of why Mr.
Obama may not actually move us beyond today’s partisanship:

1. He’s not campaigning as a centrist.

2. Washington’s too poisoned to change.

3. He’s really talking about unifying Democrats, not Republicans.

I was struck by how honestly some delegates spoke to this.

And I’ve been struck by how dishonest most members of the press corp have been on this.  Silly me.


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