Posted by PrestoPundit on 06/09/2008

in the MSM.  New details about the man who mentored Barack Obama:

Q: What specifically did
your investigation find out about Davis, who Obama calls only “Frank”
in his memoir “Dreams from My Father”?

A: What was very
disturbing to us was the fact that Barack Obama had covered up the true
identity of this “Frank” who played such a role in his life just before
he went off to college (in the late 1970s). There are several
references in his book to this “Frank.” We discovered that “Frank” was
indeed Frank Marshall Davis, who was a member of a Soviet-sponsored
communist network on the island of Hawaii. We think Obama should be
asked to explain why he didn’t reveal Frank’s true identity in his
book. We looked into this and had confirmed by several sources that
Frank was indeed Frank Marshall Davis, and that he had a considerable
influence on Obama. But we cannot really get a rational explanation of
why Obama would cover up the identity of this Stalinist agent.

Q: How do you know for sure Davis was a member of the Communist Party USA?
We have several different sources confirming that Frank Marshall Davis
was a Communist Party member. We have congressional hearings and
investigations. Plus we have those who have written about Davis,
including John Edgar Tidwell, who wrote a whole book — a sympathetic
book — about Davis but discussed his membership in the Communist
Party. Davis of course was asked about this when he was called before a
Senate committee, but he took the Fifth Amendment rather than discuss
it openly. There’s no question that he was a key member of this
Moscow-sponsored communist network in Hawaii.

Q: What was the most subversive or most dangerous-to-America thing Davis ever did?

Davis was an unrepentant communist. He stayed with the Communist Party
even after the Hitler-Stalin pact. That’s why I refer to him as “a
Stalinist agent.” Other prominent black Americans who had gotten into
the Communist Party had left it. For example, Langston Hughes and
Richard Wright got involved in communist activities but then broke with
the Communist Party because it had become an apologist for some
horrible crimes not only committed by Stalin but by the Soviet system.
Yet Frank Marshall Davis stayed with the party and wrote some infamous
poems not only defending the Soviet Union but attacking the United

Q: Is there anything to lead you to believe that Davis made a concerted effort to indoctrinate Obama?

What we know is that Barack Obama’s grandfather introduced Obama to
Frank Marshall Davis because Barack Obama needed someone to look up to.
Remember, this was a time when Barack Obama’s black father had
abandoned his family. Barack Obama’s grandfather thought that Davis
would fulfill the role of male role model and mentor — and that’s the
role that he played.


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