Posted by PrestoPundit on 06/08/2008

Beldar takes a closer look.  If John McCain still has two independently functioning brain cells, he should pay attention to .. no, no, not this:


in between his apologies for his .. connections to convicted influence peddler Tony Rezko and his Congressional earmarks  to Michelle’s employer, Barack Obama can talk
a very good game about the (toothless and ineffective) ethics bill he
co-sponsored (along with many other senators) in the U.S. Senate. But Sarah
Palin actually risked her entire political career to take on her own
party’s entrenched leadership, and then thoroughly and effectively
cleaned house in the largest state in the Union.
Between her and Obama, who’s already proven him- or herself more likely to provide the “change you can believe in”?

 Beldar’s bottom line?

I’m thinking that to unite the GOP’s conservative base, peel off more
independents and some disappointed Clintonistas, continue taking the
wind out of Obamamania, and match Obama for sheer coolness, McCain may
need a genuine four-bag home-run on the boards from his Veep nominee.
I’m thinking that Sarah Palin may just be all that.

Hat tip Patterico.


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