Posted by PrestoPundit on 06/05/2008

Joe Lieberman, unlike the time Obama had to be physically restrained when a fight broke out with a fellow legislator in the Illinois Senate. 

In his memoir Obama portrays himself as a young man who now and again engaged in violent fights with other young men.  Perhaps we’ve found one bit of the memoir which isn’t fiction.

And just maybe the fascist chic posters of Obama (officially sanctioned by the Obama campaign) really are capturing a tiny bit of Benito Mussolini reality hidden somewhere deep inside him.  We know Obama allied himself with the use of physical intimidation by his radical comrades in the down and dirty world of Chicago power politics.  I’m aware that this is steps removed from the sort of physical intimidation used by the old-time fascists, but the impulse behind it is not.

If you are going to fly the fascist freak flag as part of your official campaign, don’t come crying to me when people see the point.  If you’re out flying the fascist flag — we’re in the gown up leagues here — you own it.

And the question, always, is:  why is he comfortable with this?  Why are his supporters comfortable with this?

UPDATE:  Roll Call confirms the story of Obama’s use of physical and verbal intimidation in a confrontation with Joe Lieberman on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

This is the sort of intimidation politics Obama’s step-father, mother, and biological father knew well as lived experience in their third world homes of Indonesia and Kenya.  Obama’s memoir make it clear that these lived experiences left a significant imprint on him.  And physical intimidation wasn’t only a matter of government politics, it was also a matter of internal family dynamics.  Obama’s Kenyan father was a wife beater (source: Obama’s Dreams from My Father) and his step-father acted as a traditional dominant male during Obama years in Indonesia, and saw to it that young Barack learned hold his own in a violent altercation (source: Obama’s Dreams from My Father ).  So physical intimidation was as American as apple pie to Barack Obama growing up in Indonesia and later on following the career of his father in Kenya.



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    Facing criticism from …

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