Posted by PrestoPundit on 06/04/2008

in Iraq in 2008 through June 3rd.  By contrast, there have been 315 murders in Los Angeles County in 2008 though May 18th.  But the death toll in Los Angeles continues — the stories of these as yet un-tallied murder victims are told here

In Obama’s Chicago there were 134 murders in just the first four months of the year.  In May alone there were 43 murders in New York City

In the Congressionally controlled city state of Washington, D.C. there have already been 72 murders this year — nearly half as many American deaths in that tiny spot as in all of the nation of Iraq.

In early May there were already 73 murder so far this year in New Orleans, last year’s murder capital of America.

In just the handful of U.S. cities mentioned, there were hundreds more Americans lost to murder here at home than there were American soldiers lost to the enemy or to accidents in Iraq.

It’s a scientific fact that American’s aren’t good at judging risks or everyday civic statistics.  Our understanding of the relative toll of war and the relative toll of crime is likely one of those areas where we are just idiots.

UPDATE:  Is there a light at the end of the Washington, D.C. murder quagmire tunnel?  Will an Iraq style surge help, or should we withdraw from the city and abandon it to violence and civil war?


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