Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/29/2008

A stark close-up in the dark just won’t do for the Savior of the hard left.  Such a cold and ruthless photo needs to be spiked and replaced with a soft-focus Messiah-like image

What has NEWSWEEK become, a fan magazine?  A religious publication?  Aren’t most of its readers a captive audience anyway, forced to chose between old crumpled back numbers of NEWSWEEK and TIME or the obscure hobby magazines of their dentist, while waiting for a root canal?  Who else reads this magazine?  Not anyone I know out here in the “real world”.

UPDATE:  NEWSWEEK’s circulation:  2.6 million, down 1/2 million from last year

Are there 2.6 million dentists in the country?  Can’t grandma figure out how to cancel her subscription?


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