Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/28/2008

This one is Jon Payne, the much younger brother of Charles T. Payne, the WWII vet.  Jon Payne was something of a “sibling” to Obama’s mother, and knew Barack when he was a boy.

Obama’s great uncle Charles T. Payne of Chicago is a long time Obama contributor.

Great uncle Jon confirms great uncle Charles’ concentration camp experience here.

UPDATE:  What are we to take from the fact that Obama doesn’t know the difference between Buchenwald and Auschwitz

Here’s a more disturbing question.  What if Obama does know the difference and intentionally changes the facts to tell a more compelling story?  His stories are notoriously rubbery. At one time Obama’s “Auschwitz” story had it that the story didn’t come from his “crazy uncle in the attic” it came from his grandfather, and it was a story not only about Auschwitz but also Treblinka (both in Soviet occupied Poland). 

Ignorant of history, a b*llsh*tt*er — or both.  Not great options.

UPDATE II: Most folks overlooked more Obama ignorance of history exposed in his speech — psychiatrists and military people have long been aware of battle fatigue and shellshock (earlier names for today’s bureaucratic mouthful “PTSS”), these were treated during WWII, and their have even been Academy Award nominated movies made of the doctors and soldiers involved in this treatment during the WWII period. 

As we’ve come to expect, the Great B*llsh*tt*r doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and so makes stuff up as he goes.  What’s more remarkable is that Obama seems to have an equally ignorant and inexperienced staff, who haven’t heard of such things as the Hanford site or the location of Auschwitz or the identity of its liberators.

UPDATE III:  Still unanswered.  How did Obama’s grandfather march through France with Patton’s army and never saw real combat.  A real puzzler, that.

UPDATE IV:  The Weekly Standard weighs in:

Obama has made a habit of coming across like a man who doesn’t know
what he’s talking about. That’s bothersome enough, but what’s more
worrisome still is how comfortable he is with not knowing what he’s
talking about, and how convinced he seems that his rhetorical
flourishes will obscure his ignorance.


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