Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/27/2008

on his state champion high school basketball team:

The school’s style of basketball was just as vanilla. “His game
didn’t really fit our system,” recalled Alan Lum, a teammate who now
teaches second grade at Punahou. “We ran a structured offense. We were
very disciplined. Barry, he did a good job with that, but he was a very
creative player, you know? I guess a lot of his best days were on the
outside courts, playing with friends.” Obama acknowledged as much.
“Basketball was a good way for me to channel my energy,” he said. “It
did parallel some of the broader struggles I was going through, because
there were some issues in terms of racial identity that played
themselves out on the basketball court. You know, I had an overtly
black game, behind-the-back passes, and wasn’t particularly concerned
about fundamentals, whereas our coach was this Bobby Knight guy, and he
was all about fundamentals–you know, bounce passes, and four passes
before you shoot, and that sort of thing. So we had this little
conflict that landed me on the bench when I argued.

“The truth was,” Obama continued, “on the playground, I could beat a
lot of the guys who were starters, and I think he thought it was useful
to have me there in practice.”

You see, it was someone else’s fault — sort of an Obama theme, come to think of it.

Curious side note — in most of the YouTube clips of Obama playing basketball you see him making bounce passes.


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