Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/27/2008

Obama repeatedly tells us that his grandfather enlisted in the Army, and “marched in Patton’s Army” through the mud of France.  He also tells us his grandfather “returned from the war never having seen real combat”  (source:  Obama, Dreams from My Father, p. 15).  What I’d like to know is how grandfather marched though France with Patton’s army — which means he was in Patton’s infantry — and never saw combat.

At the very least Obama is misleading veterans and the voting public into believe that his grandfather was a combat veteran in Patton’s infantry.  It’s part of a pattern of b*llsh*tting the people well documented here at PrestoPundit over the last few months.

UPDATE:  Gateway pundit notes that Obama has told “stretchers” about his grandfather and WWII before.

MORE:  In his famous 2002 anti-war speech on Iraq Obama says at the very beginning of his speech, “my grandfather signed up for a war the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed.”  Because this is the most memorable day in 20th century history, it is hard to image that this story could have arisen any other way than through fabrication.  You simply don’t misremember such momentous things. 

But the facts of history are different than Obama spins them for his audience.  Army records clearly show that Stanley A. Dunham enlisted on Jan 18, 1942, not as Obama has it for the purposes of dramatic effect Dec. 8, 1941, the day after Pearl Harbor.

This is a repeated leitmotif in our understanding of who Barack Obama is.  He’s a guy who continually fabricates his history and his own identify for the purposes of the moment and the audience of the day.


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