Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/26/2008

spent her early infancy and but one year of her remembered life in Kansas.  In reality, she’s a girl from Texas and Washington State, but these states don’t fit Obama’s “heart land and Kenya” narrative, so in Obama’s speeches it’s bye-bye “girl from Texas and Washington State” and hello “girl from Kansas”.  In any case, here’s the Kansas City Star’s profile of Ann Dunham, a woman who most likely rarely felt like saying to her dog “we’re not in Kansas any more”, but something more like “we’re not on Mercer Island anymore” or before that “we’re not in Texas anymore.”

Graduates of the Mercer Island class of 1960 reckon that Stanley
Ann’s mother, a bank executive of white-collar stock, persuaded her
freewheeling husband to settle down for the sake of their daughter’s

That education included questioning authority and religious institutions, and reading the works of Marx and Kierkegaard.

John Hunt recalled that Stanley Ann “could step into a conversation and
lightly call someone to account. She wasn’t nasty, but neither was she


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