Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/23/2008

Dana Milbank is either stupid, lazy, or lying in his effort to soften up the territory as more information about Barack Obama comes to light.  Milbank writes:

“Here are some things we can look forward to learning about Barack Obama:

· [1]  That he was mentored in high school by a member of the Soviet-controlled Communist Party.

· [2]  That he launched his Illinois state Senate campaign in the home of a terrorist and a killer.

· [3]  That while serving as a state senator, he was a member of a socialist front group.

These and many other implausible accusations were offered by a group of
conservatives in a Capital Hill basement.”

Let’s start with #1.  It’s well established and widely known that the mentor character “Frank” in Obama’s autobiography is indeed Frank Marshall Davis, a long time member of the Communist Party, U.S.A.   One of the leading experts on communist movement in America, Ronald Radosh, recently gave his considered opinion on Obama’s memoir and the character “Frank”:

It was easy for students of American communism to figure out that this
[mentor named “Frank”] was Frank Marshall Davis, a Chicago writer and Communist activist who
moved to Hawaii in the late 1940s. That Davis sought to advise the
young Obama as he prepared to leave home hardly proves that Davis was a
major influence on Obama or that the young man accepted his Communist
views. Obama’s withholding of Davis’s full name, however, does suggest
that he worried it might cause him problems in his political career–as
if Davis were another difficult uncle like Jeremiah Wright.

Perhaps Milbank can go back to journalism school and retake those classes on fact checking and investigative journalism he evidently flunked.

Let’s move to #2.   The fact that Barack Obama launched his first race for state office in the home of Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn is also well established and widely known.  On this one I’m certain that Milbank is simply lying, using the classic technique of characterizing a well established fact as a mere (implausible) “charge.”

#3 is a new one I don’t know anything about, and Milbank leaves utterly unexplained.  It is known that the “Obama coalition” in his far left district included a comparatively strong and very active branch of the Democratic Socialists of America.  We have no reason to believe that a candidate who regularly attended socialist conferences during his years in New York (source:  Obama, Dreams from My Father) and who regularly interacted with far left politicos in Chicago would have any reason to object to support from what to Obama’s perspective could only be considered just one more leftist group backing his election to office.   I doubt Obama was a member of this group, but perhaps he was a member of an organization set up by a group like this.  It would really be interesting if Obama was somehow linked to the A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition, the far left organization which organized the anti-war event at which Obama first spoke out against the war in Iraq.  I’m guessing Obama wasn’t a “member” of this group, although I’m guessing Obama’s church had at least some links to this event, either as supporters or as an advertiser and transportation service.

And this possible connection is perhaps the clue we were looking for all along.  But perhaps the “socialist front” group Barack Obama belonged to just is Barack Obama’s anti-capitalist, anti-middle class, anti-American Trinity Church.   If the shoe fits …


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