Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/22/2008

Obama is making the libelous and unsupported charge that Republicans — and by suggestion John McCain — are making the dishonest case to voters that Obama is a Muslim.  This slime-ball attack on McCain and Republicans was buried in a piece by the left wing site “Politico” suggesting that the only thing standing between Obama and the White House are conspiracy theories circulated by email targeted against Obama — as if the public record isn’t full of more than enough Obama outrages involving Chicago corruption, his racist and anti-American church, his terrorist friends, his history as a hard core leftist, etc. to make the man utterly unelectable (to use the favored language of Clinton supporters).  Note well that even the leftist “Politico” believes these emails are viral and are not produced by the Republican party and the McCain campaign.  But this isn’t stopping Obama from suggesting that they are, nor is it stopping “Politico” from passing along Obama’s unsupported charge without comment.


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