Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/20/2008

and the unmarried. Rasmussen finds that married people are against Obama, the unmarrieds are strongly for him.  Survey says:

McCain currently leads Obama 51% to 39% among married
Americans but trails by more than twenty percentage points among those
who are not.

Among single women, Obama leads 59% to 27% while McCain
leads by six among married women.

McCain leads by eighteen points among
married men but trails by seventeen among men who are not married.

Overall, McCain is viewed favorably by 50% of voters
nationwide, Obama by 48%. That’s the second straight day Obama’s
favorable rating has been below 50%.

McCain’s is viewed favorably by
53% of married voters. Obama earns positive reviews from 62% of those
who are not married.

I’m guessing there is a strong correlation between those numbers and these:

Among fiscal conservatives, McCain leads Obama 72% to 17%.
McCain’s advantage among social conservatives is 68% to 21%. Among
fiscal liberals, Obama leads McCain 79% to 10%. Among those who are
liberal on social issues, Obama leads 73% to 20%.

McCain is viewed favorably by 68% of social conservatives and 72% of
fiscal conservatives. He gets positive reviews from 28% of those who
are liberal on social issues and 20% of fiscal issue liberals.

Obama is viewed favorably by 76% of voters who are liberal on social
issues and 84% of those who are liberal on fiscal issues. He is also
viewed favorably by 28% of social conservatives and 24% of fiscal

How is this for a thumbnail demographic profile at what the election really comes down to — a contest between responsible tax-paying married people looking out for the welfare of their children versus irresponsible tax-consuming unmarrieds voting as an expression of identity or to feel good about themselves as superior moral actors advancing “social justice”?


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