Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/20/2008

how about rebranding yourself “ex-governor?”

Dan Walters of the Sacramento Bee has stopped tip-toeing around the embarrassing failure which is our current Governor of California. In today’s paper Walters looks at Schwarzenegger’s scheme to borrow against future revenue from the education fund produced by the lottery.  Walters’ conclusion?  “If that’s the best Schwarzenegger can do, the sooner his governorship ends the better.”  I’m on board with that.

See also at Dan Weintraub’s article “Schwarzenegger Gives Up Trying to Balance The Budget.”

The man is a disgrace.  His whole reason for being as governor was to deal responsibly with the budget and the irresponsible legislature — it was the very premise of his race for governor in the recall election.  But it turned out Schwarzenegger was a fake, a phony, a dishonest and amateurish man concerned mostly with his own puffed up but hollow reflection in the mirror — big surprise that, I guess.


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