Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/19/2008

the NY Times says.  Under Islamic law and the sacred sayings of the prophet Muhammad, Barack Obama is a Muslim.  End of conversation.   Professor Shireen K. Burki in the Christian Science Monitor:

The fact that Senator Obama – the son of a Muslim father – insists he was never a Muslim before becoming Christian is irrelevant
to bin Laden. In bin Laden’s eyes, Obama is a murtad fitri, the worst type of apostate, because he was blessed by Allah to be born into the true faith of Islam.

There are two types of apostates according to sharia (Islamic law) and the Hadith (sayings of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him).

The first type is murtad milli, one who converted to Islam and later renounced the faith. The second, and most egregious, type is murtad fitri.
It refers to a person born of a Muslim father who renounces his
birthright. Two recent examples of the latter are Magdi Allam (a male
Egyptian who converted to Catholicism in Italy) and Ayaan Hirsi Ali
(Somali-born woman who’s now an atheist). Both now face death threats.

According to Islamic jurisprudence, children of a
Muslim father – even an apparently nonpracticing one, such as Obama’s
father, and irrespective of the mother’s faith – are automatically
Muslims. Most Muslims around the world agree: A child of a Muslim
father is a Muslim. Period.


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