Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/19/2008

to Barack Obama speak for more than 30 seconds on the history of American foreign policy everything becomes clear.  Obama is the candidate for stupid people.  If you’re not one of the stupid people, you well know that the leading product from the government schools is stupid people.  And if you’re fooled by the fact that Obama leads among grad school types, trust me, I’ve gone to grad school, and grad schools are full of people who don’t read newspapers, don’t know American history, don’t know economics, don’t know science, and believe whatever the latest left wing conspiracy theory might be.  From the point of view of government policy, they are very stupid people.  Often enough Obama suggest he’s really not so far from being one of them.

Tom Maguire has the pressing “Jay Walk” All-Star question for contestant Barack Obama — “does Obama think Kennedy’s meeting with Krushchev went well?”

UPDATE:  More quiz questions for Barack Obama suggested by Tom Maguire.


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