Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/12/2008

about who he is and what attracted him to Trinity Church in Chicago.  Stanley Kurtz:

It would have been impossible to be a member of Wright’s congregation
for twenty years and not be completely familiar with the full extent of
his radicalism.

And what was Obama completely familiar with concerning Wright and his publication The Trumpet?

Wright and his fellow Trumpet
writers tend to speak of “Africans” or “Africans in the Western
diaspora” even more often than they speak of “African-Americans. When
combined with the direct attacks on America and on expressions of
American patriotism, the overall effect is to make American blacks
appear as strangers in a foreign land.

Recall that of all the churches in Chicago it was this church which attracted Obama, and it was this church which Obama bankrolled.  Obama — the boy who grew up not in America, but in Indonesia.  The young man who called Kenya “home”, and not the United States.  Do I have to figure this all out for you folks?


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