Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/11/2008

than this —  in his own memoir Obama embraces racism and America hate, justifying these revolting means because of their promise to produce Obama’s own radical and race-centered political ends.  Let me suggest this.  You’d have to go overseas to find a more disturbing major political personality in my adult life time.  There’s a difference in kind here from the long-ago adolescent middle class radical posing of the Clintons and their gross but pathetic little crimes, corruptions and political compromises.  Obama is a true cradle to manhood radical with a racist and Marxist understanding of the world, literally schooled in the art of producing radical results (Google:  Obama & Saul Alinsky) — and in it for the long haul and the big score.

BONUS:  A picture of Obama teaching the political physics of Saul Alinsky.


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