Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/09/2008

telling me how brilliant and educated Barack Obama is — based on what I’d like to ask?  Obama’s talent for reading a speech?  Obama’s ability to breeze through course after course of idiotic left wing classes at elite left wing universities?  Obama’s strange and exceptional talent for running rings around the truth with endless streams of BS and lies?  Or is it Obama’s ability to write exactly what his left wing Harvard Law professors wanted to hear?

Obama spent a good deal of his high school years and his first two years of college high or intoxicated (source — Obama in his memoir).  Someone who spends his time getting stoned and drunk isn’t someone retaining a lot about American history, economics, biology, logic, geology, etc.  And what course did Obama take?  What was the intellectual environment he put himself in?  He says he sought out Marxist professors and hard left friends, studied neocolonialism, and took literature classes with such people as Israel hating Palestinian radical Edward Said.  In Chicago he spent every Sunday (he claims he attended church on a regular and constant basis) listening to the history lessons and cultural critique of Rev. Jeremiah Wright (whom in Obama’s eyes is a deeply learned man, or so he repeatedly says).  In New York Obama spent his time reading the Village Voice and going to socialist conferences (source:  Obama’s memoir) — a diet of which inevitably leads to a loss of intelligence and IQ. 

So here’s the challenge.  If Obama is such a smart and learned man, why is he so ignorant of American history?  Maybe he didn’t write the words himself, but why did he read them?

UPDATE:  The best evidence of Obama’s intelligence, if not the quality of his understanding of things, can be found in the 3 or 4 comment posted here.


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