Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/06/2008

EXIT POLLS.  Some numbers that jump out at me.

— White Democrats voted 65% to 35% in favor of Clinton over Obama.

Comment:  Without the black vote Obama would have been blown out in Indiana.

— Obama defeated Clinton 57% to 43% among college graduates with post-graduate experience.

Comment:  Outside of the black population, Americans with multiple years of left wing college studies under their belt are Barack Obama’s strongest voting block.

— “Very liberal” voters voted 73% – 27% Obama.

Comment:  Lefties know their man, and easily see past Obama’s non-ideological rhetoric.

— “Conservative” voters voted 65%-35% Clinton; moderate” voters voted 55%-45% Clinton.

Comment:  The fact that Obama is a member of the far left with a radical background hostile to American power and traditional American values is beginning to turn up on the radar screen of even politically uninformed moderate Democrats.

— People who decided on election day or in the last three days voted 59%- 41% for Clinton.  Early deciders split 50-50.

Comment:  The facts surrounding Obama’s relationship with Rev. Wright have begun to cut the legs out from under the Obama bandwagon.

— White voters 60 and up chose Clinton over Obama 71% to 29% percent.

These voters would have been at least in their 20s when Obama’s close
associate William Ayers was bombing police stations in New York.  They
would have been at least in there teens when Martin Luther King dreamed
a very different civic dream from the dreams of Black Liberation
Theology that church members like Barack Obama were required to confess
at Trinity in Chicago.

— Clinton took 60% of the Protestant and Catholic vote.  Obama took 58% of the “none” vote and 60% of the 7% of voters who are something other than Christian, Mormon, Muslim, Jewish or non-religious (the Buddhist, Sikh and Wiccan vote?).

Comment:  Christians tend not to be big Obama fans.  Without atheists and non-Christians, Obama would have been a huge loser in Indiana.

— 37% of voters thought both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are honest and trustworthy.

Comment:  Maybe it’s time to start calling the Democrat party the stupid party.

— 29% of voters in the Democrat primary say they would vote for John McCain or they would not vote it Barack Obama is the Democrat nominee for President.

Comment:  Democrat primary voters are more intelligent perhaps than I give them credit for.  The only tough call here is between John McCain and not voting.  Good thing all three options were listed.

Well, enough for now.

UPDATE:  Marc Ambinder sees a Democrat crack up:

Forget the horse race numbers for a moment: if the surveys are
accurate, the polarization within the Democratic Party has reached
critical levels ..

In both IN and NC, two thirds of Clinton supporters say they’d be
dissatisfied if Obama were the nominee  ..

The percentage of Clinton voters who say they’d choose McCain over
Obama in a general election is approaching 40% in Indiana. Put it
another way: in North Carolina, less than HALF of folks who voted today
for Hillary Clinton are ready to say today that they’d definitely vote
for Obama in a general election.


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