Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/01/2008

It clearly wasn’t what Rev. Wright said about America, or about racially different brains, or about AIDS, or about Farrakhan, or about the white people, etc., etc.  Wright has said those things time and time again.  And Obama has heard or read these things time and time again for more than a year (for certain) and very likely in most every case for going on 20 years.  No, it wasn’t what Rev. Wright said about America and race which offended Obama, it was what Rev. Wright said about Obama that finally caused Obama to object to the views of his one time political and spiritual mentor (“political” and “spiritual” mentor are Obama’s own words used to describe his relationship with Rev. Wright).

So when Obama decided to break from Rev. Wright he did so not because of the loathsome ideas Wright has about America, white people, racial biology, etc., but because of Rev. Wright’s personal attack on himself.  As a study in character and judgment this is not uplifting, this is not “bigger than himself”, this is all about himself.  And it reveals a very small man who failed to rise to the circumstances presented by events.

UPDATE:  Ann Althouse has more on the same topic.


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