Posted by PrestoPundit on 05/01/2008


Wright’s speeches have shown how quickly academic insanity becomes incorporated into practice. And now we may be on the verge of seeing such madness spread into the White House.

Rev. Wright’s world view come directly out of left wing academia.  If you’ve read Barack Obama’s memoir, you know that much of his own world view comes out of a very similar leftist academic milieu, packed with Marxist professors, “neocolonial” studies, feminist studies, etc., and far left “intellectual” friends, mentors, and colleagues.  If Obama has actually given up a belief in some of this stuff, he needs to tell us exactly what he’s finally rejected and what he still accepts — and why.

The one thing we do know is that in his political career he’s rarely if ever voted against the policies which fall out of the world view of the far left and its powerful interest groups, even when he’s publicly acknowledge that there are profound arguments against what he’s done.  One powerful example:  what Obama says about public education and the teacher unions vs. how Obama has voted on public education and the teachers unions.  He talks as if he well knows that leftist education policies and leftist education special interests have been destructive to our kids, but he votes on education issues and the teachers unions as if he doesn’t know — or doesn’t care. 

Intellectually as a young man Obama was once a comfortable member of the intellectually grounded hard left.  Today he sometimes talks as if he has tempered his views, but Obama continues to vote as if he has not.  Should we judge him by his words — or by his actions?  And if by his words, which words?  His calculated political words of today or his detailed disclosures revealing his very thoughts written only a decade ago?


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