Posted by PrestoPundit on 04/29/2008

Twenty years in the pews.  Tapes of Jeremiah Wright taken with him to Harvard Law.  Inspired by Wright’s remarks about white greed impoverishing the poor and the sins of the American armed forces — after years in which Obama went out of his way to soak amid exactly the same sorts of cant from his self-selected Marxist professors, from his leftist, Black Nationalist and Third World friends and family, and from his Nation of Islam associates.  (You can read about it in Obama’s memoir).  No, I don’t think Obama is coming clean on this. 

The idea that Obama didn’t know Rev. Wright or the nature of his thought after 20 years of attending Wright’s church is ridiculous and ultimately simply unbelievable.  The same themes that make up the substance of what Obama now claims to denounce appear again and again in Wright’s sermons and articles across several decades — including in the taped sermons Obama took with him to Harvard in the 1980s. 

Give me a break.  Obama simply seems incapable of being honest about all this — likely because he knows it would mean the immediate end of his long held ambition to be President.

UPDATE:   Here’s the full transcript of the Obama presser.  More reactions:

Byron York: 

“watching Rev. Wright for the last few days, watching the fluidity with
which he moved from educational theories to musical theories to racial
theories, it’s hard to believe that that material hasn’t been in the
sermons Obama has heard Wright preach over the last 20 years, so I’m
skeptical about Obama’s new outrage over Wright’s words.”

Michelle Malkin:

“Anyone with eyes yesterday saw that Wright’s was a finely-honed, time-tested act .. “

Rick Moran:

“Lost in Obama’s statement was his reiteration of the idea that he had
never heard the Reverend Wright utter such sentiments. Given what the
public has seen of Wright over the last three days, that explanation
beggars belief. In 20 years of listening to “Black Liberation Theology”
— a “social gospel” Obama calls it — the candidate never heard his
pastor go off on America, or whites, or Jews? He sits in a Church with
a pastor who believes Louis Farrakhan is “one of the greatest men of
the 20th and 21st centuries” and never heard that kind of praise
uttered in his presence?”


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  1. Hyscience said

    Obama Throws Wright Under The Bus As His Chickens Come Home To Roost

    First it was his grandmother in the Philadelphia speech; now, suddenly – post his outrageous tirade yesterday, it’s Jeremiah Wright. The problem for Obama is that there’s nothing any of us, including Obama, now know about Wright after his Press Club ex…

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