Posted by PrestoPundit on 04/24/2008

has done very little in his life time.  Obama’s one success has been in the Illinois legislature working to increase protection for criminals and working to block laws which would reduce crime (much more here).  Most voters know little or nothing about Barack Obama.  That’s all about to change.  Take a look at this.

Now it’s your turn.  Consider taking a break from reading, clicking over and sending a donation to the National Campaign Fund at EXPOSEOBAMA.COM

You can read about the people behind here and a backgrounder from NewsMax on the Obama / crime ad here.

The left wing magazine TIME is already labeling it a “Willie Horton hit”.  And what is a “Willie Horton hit”?  A Willie Horton hit is when you tell the truth about a Democrat.

UPDATE: More on Obama’s crime record here.


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