Posted by PrestoPundit on 04/10/2008

from his third-world experiences?  Steve Sailer has some thoughts, including this:

despite Obama’s [self-proclaimed] incredibly sophisticated
awareness of the rest of the world .. he approvingly quoted his spiritual
mentor Jeremiah A. Wright’s incredibly unsophisticated worldview:
“where white folks’ greed runs a world in need …” Wouldn’t
some experience with the Third World raise severe doubts about such an
apportionment of guilt? After all, during Obama’s formative years,
there were plenty of anti-American leftist Third World countries that
only become needier the more they separated themselves from white
folks’ greed.

So, why didn’t Obama get it?

Make sure to read Sailer’s guess at why Obama didn’t get it.  I think he’s on to something seriously important here, something close to my own hypothesis.


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