Posted by PrestoPundit on 03/25/2008

the Obama smear against her is giving her nightmares staring Jesse Jackson ..

You know .. Bill, this has upset me. I actually had a dream the other night about Jesse Jackson,
we were both much younger and he’s saying don’t worry about this. That’s
not healthy, and I will tell you what else I’m getting. I got an email
from, a very educated thoughtful long email, and this guy said to me,
I’m an African American, I’m a man and he says he’s 33 years old and he
is under the impression that I am saying that any black man who has
achieved anything has achieved it simply because they’re black. Now,
that is not who I said ..

I have got to tell you something, the reaction
on the Obama campaign, Bill, was awful. It was emails, voice mails, hate
mail, not only for me, but it also went to my law firm. It went to the
board of a public company that I’m on. It went to the board of NDI.

I mean, I can’t believe that this people actually wanted to have my – got me fired.

HEMMER: So, both sides are throwing stones?

No, it’s worse than that. This is — first, they distorted my view and
then they wanted to punish me for not backing down and saying, yes, I’m
sorry, I was wrong. I wasn’t wrong and I won’t back down and say that.
And the fact that you distort my words doesn’t mean it’s going to

Ferraro isn’t taking this lying down, she’s pushing back, letting it be know that she thinks Obama’s church has been teaching racism to little children:

I think what [Obama is] trying to do is he’s trying
to balance, you know, what the Reverend Wright has said with his
grandmother’s comments and my comments, and, you know, it really
doesn’t work.

But what is sad to me, I’ve read
through the speech .. is that Senator
Obama doesn’t recognize that his grandmother said something to him or I
said something to a small group, is not equivalent in any way to what
comes out of the mouth of Reverend Wright, that we were not speaking to
actually generations of young people.

And, you
know, race is taught. Babies aren’t born knowing differences in color,
gender, religions. You know, they’re taught those things. They’re
taught them at home. They’re taught in the schools. They’re taught in
the churches ..


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