Posted by PrestoPundit on 03/23/2008

 If Barack Obama wants to have an honest discussion of race, let’s have it:

The harsh truth is, much of the anger he speaks of is based on
paranoia manifesting in urban legends about whites creating AIDS to
kill blacks or crack cocaine to lock them up. Wright spreads these
pernicious lies in Obama’s church, and Obama has rewarded him with
$23,000 a year in donations ..

Intellectually honest blacks, such as Shelby Steele, will tell you
that racism is such a distant memory that racial victimologists like
Wright are now left with concocting wild-eyed conspiracy theories to
maintain their power. They see their power slipping, so “they rub racism in the face of
whites,” said Steele, who like Wright and Obama hails from Chicago’s
South Side.

It’s self-serving black leaders such as Wright who hold back blacks
today. In fact, Steele says their victim-focused, racial-identity
politics has stifled black advancement more than racism itself. “The No. 1 black problem is not racism,” Steele says, it’s groupism
and a desperate clinging to the black power movement of the ’60s.
Obama’s church requires members to pledge allegiance to this movement,
recast as the “Black Value System.”

“The pursuit of black power is the worst thing we can do,” Steele
said. “It’s the kiss of death,” because it falsely convinces blacks
they can’t succeed on their own as individuals in “racist white
America,” a mantra at Obama’s church of hate.

The ignorance and paranoia is bred by something called “black
liberation theology,” preached by Wright and his own mentor, Rev. James
H. Cone. This theology is the core of the “black experience” and “black
perspective” and “legacy of the African-American church” that whites
are told they wouldn’t understand.

Now that Obama has opened the dialogue about race in America, we
need to talk frankly about what this “theology” means to blacks. According to Cone’s writings and lectures, it teaches them that
Jesus was black and blacks are the chosen people, and that the white
man is “the devil.”

It also teaches that black values are superior to American values,
and as Cone himself has said, “all white men are responsible for white
oppression” and will be held accountable and unforgiven until blacks
are “completely emancipated” from white society.

We need to take these beliefs out of the shadows ..

UPDATE:   David Victor Hanson talks honestly about Barack Obama’s call for a national conversation on race:

.. does Obama realize that the last thing he needs right now is a real
conversation on race that would deal by needs with disproportionate
illegitimacy, drug usage, crime, the values espoused in rap music,
anti-Semitism, and black racism — as well as undeniable long-standing
white racial prejudice? Such an honest discussion might well
alienate his base of white elites and African-Americans that is rapidly
becoming his only constituency — and is never held not because America is
“afraid of talking about race” but because millions don’t wish to be
demonized as racists for introducing unpleasant realities into the

And we know from his record that Obama has no desire to talk honestly — if you’ve read his autobiography you know his greatest fear in life is to found out as an  “inauthentic” black man — and his ticket to “authenticity” throughout his life has been to surround himself with left of center anti-white, anti-corporate, anti-American black anger.  Really.  Buy a copy and read for yourself.  Or read a few articles about “black liberation theology”, Trinity church, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright.


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