Posted by PrestoPundit on 03/20/2008

Geraldine Ferraro think of Barack Obama and the fact that Obama lumped her in with Obama’s race-hating mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright in Obama’s “It’s OK To Have Racist Friends (As Long As They Are Black)” speech?   Well, she’s not real happy about it.

Moreover, Ferraro believes that Obama’s 20+ years of close association with a man who teaches hate to young people puts into question Obama’s judgment.  So why did Obama throw Ferraro — along with his own grandmother — under the bus, yet retain his ties to an anti-America, race-hating associate?  Ferraro believes that Obama couldn’t afford to alienate blacks sympathetic to the Wright.  Read the whole thing for specifics.

Sweetnes & Light points out the Ferraro has a very good reason to be upset about being equated with a racist by Barack Obama — Obama himself once said almost the exact same thing the Obama campaign labeled Ferraro a racist for saying (scroll down).


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