Posted by PrestoPundit on 03/20/2008

has done the work documenting Barack Obama’s repeated zigging and zagging on the war in Iraq (did you know Obama once supported the war?) that our lazy MSM journalists can’t be bothered to do.  Obama is revealed once again to be a true master of b*llsh*t and a thoroughly old-school politician concerned more with the needs of the moment and his own power than with the national interest.  It’s an old story and not an edifying one, and one you won’t hear from the Obama-For-President Democrats at NBC and the NY Times.  Wehner points out how Obama’s behavior  “demonstrates a record of problematically ad-hoc judgments at best, calculatingly cynical judgments at worst” and suggests that the Senator isn’t fit to serve as President of the United States, a conclusion I reached on other grounds some time ago.


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