Posted by PrestoPundit on 03/17/2008

about what he knows about his church, its leader Jeremiah Wright, and the always far left, often anti-white and anti-America views advocated by that church and its leader.  This is the kind of stuff that even outsiders quickly learned about Wright and his church:

[Wright’s] intellectual sermons sometimes more resemble leftwing
political rants than religious preaching. Startling for a preacher, he
can be both profane and provocative. Despite advancing a multicultural
agenda, like Obama, Wright’s church is rooted in Afro-centrism. Wright
himself often dons colorful African dashikis and is not shy about
laying historical and modern-day blame on whites for much of the social
and economic woes in the African-American community. His sermons
frequently denounce Republican politics, and he has called people who
voted for George W. Bush “stupid.” .. His intellectualism and
black militancy put him at odds with some Baptist ministers around
Chicago, with whom he often sparred publicly, and he finally accepted a position at Trinity. The church’s motto was “Unashamedly black and unapologetically Christian.”

This is the church and the pastor that Barack Obama was attracted to, as much for Wright’s extremist politics as for any other reason, as Obama himself says in his autobiography.  So let’s stop playing pretend about this.  Obama comes from a far-left background, and he’s chosen to associate with far left, often anti-American and anti-white radicals all of his life — as he chose to do in college and as he chose to do Chicago.  It’s in his own autobiography, folks. People need to stop lying to themselves about this.  The worms are out of the can and good luck stuffing them back in.

UPDATE:  Barack Obama supported Louis Farrakhan’s 1996 Million Man March, and flew to Washington, D.C. to attend the event.


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