Everyone now agrees

Posted by PrestoPundit on 03/05/2008

that unelected “Super Delegates” will decide who will be the nominee of the Democrat Party.  So if votes aren’t going to decide the nomination, what will decide the matter?  Could it be that the Democrat nomination will be determined by PAC money, not by the voters?  It could:

For those elected officials who had endorsed a candidate as of Feb.
25, the presidential candidate who gave more money to the superdelegate
received the endorsement 82 percent of the time ..

Two weeks ago, Capital Eye reported a connection that superdelegates
have to the candidates that voters and pledged delegates don’t–nearly
$1 million in campaign contributions. As the uncommitted superdelegates
have been deciding which candidate to support at this summer’s
nominating convention, the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics
has identified an additional $42,800 that flowed .. from Clinton or Obama’s coffers into the hands of superdelegates
with campaign accounts, bringing the total to $947,000.

More on the story here.


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