If you’ve been paying attention

Posted by PrestoPundit on 03/04/2008

you’re beginning to realize that Barack Obama tells big and important lies, and has an exceptional talent for crafting them to best mislead the uninformed.  To get a sense for this, read this, then watch this Obama clip from the Tucker Carlson show.   Obama here claims that some topic is “case closed” when in fact what he identifies as having ended the conversation in fact does no such thing.  I’ve seen Obama use this strategy for dissembling several times now.  Here’s what you should have noticed in this case.  Obama a year ago answered questions on Tony Rezko and his Mansion purchase for a handful of reporters who didn’t know the facts and details of the story, but he’s never actually answered the questions of the reporters who are actually covering the story.  His big lie in the press conference was the suggestion that he’d already answered all of the the questions of the reporter questioning him on Rezko at the presser because he’d “already” answered questions “completely” from handful of uninformed reporters the year before. 

Anyone just tuning in who didn’t know what was going on or who didn’t know what the facts were would think that Obama had “fully answered” all of the reporter’s questions already, just as he’d said, when in fact he’s never answered her questions because he’s never let her ask him questions about Rezko and the Mansion deal.  And, in fact, Obama has never answered questions from any reporter who know the details of the Rezko and mansion deal story. Those watching at home would have come away believing exactly the opposite, which was exactly Obama’s intention.

Be sure also to watch this local Chicago news story by Carol Marin.  Notice that the local Chicago press is running rings around the national press in actually doing the job of reporting the news.  And don’t miss the Night Line clip where Obama implies that he’d take the 5th if called to testify in the Tony Rezko case.


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