Posted by PrestoPundit on 02/29/2008

when you’re a mother working with $500,000+ a year in the family budget (and likely much more than that.)

And if your wondering why medical cost are out of control and tuition
costs continue to sky rocket, consider that a university hospital is
paying Michelle Obama $300,000+ a year to do “community outreach”.  The more she talks the more I get that creepy “John Edwards” feeling about Mrs. Obama.

But it’s actually bigger than that.  In a very short time I’ve come from a point where I, like everyone else, thought these were rather likable people to a place where I actually really don’t like Michelle & Barack Obama.  The more you learn about them the more your realize these are phonies and demagogues, political fixers with a toxic leftist ideology who haven’t been honest about who they are and were they come from politically.


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