Posted by PrestoPundit on 02/27/2008


Overly broad charges against [Obama] are dangerous. Republicans will
make a mistake if they take to calling him “too liberal for America.”
He is too liberal, but they need to make the charge specific point by
specific point. If they try to pigeonhole him as a liberal, he will
refuse to perch in such a hole. He is a golden falcon, not a fat
pigeon. He will swoop down verbally on his accuser and point out how he
is not liberal at all on that point — but his accuser’s record is.

For instance, if he is accused of being in bed with the teachers
union, he will point out (even while still in his pajamas after a motel
night with the union, metaphorically speaking) that he once told a
Milwaukee newspaper he was open to considering vouchers — even though
he is against them — if it would be good for the kids. Make no
mistake, this guy isn’t only good with inspirational rhetoric; when it
comes to policy slipperiness, he makes Bill Clinton look slow-witted
and honest.


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